El Paso Migrant Ministry – Bridges of Hope

Explore the inspiring journey of the Assumptionists at St. Francis Xavier Parish in El Paso, Texas, as they dedicate themselves to helping migrants seeking refuge at the U.S.-Mexico border. Since September 17th, 2020, Father Peter and Father Ronald have been at the forefront, assisting those who have crossed into the United States, escaping hardship and conflict in their homelands. In this heartfelt documentary, witness firsthand the challenges faced by migrants and the compassionate response of the Assumptionists. From providing shelter to offering support during the immigration process, each day brings new stories of resilience and hope. Join us as we delve into the human side of immigration, bridging gaps between cultures and advocating for dignity and respect for all. Experience the impact of kindness and solidarity as we journey with Father Peter and Father Ronald, who are committed to building bridges of hope for those in search of safety and a brighter future. Subscribe to our channel to follow the ongoing story of compassion and resilience at St. Francis Xavier Parish. Your support can make a difference—let’s build bridges of hope together.