Blessings in Retirement

Blessings in Retirement

New addition to Emmanuel house. Your donation will help supply beds, tables, chairs, and other needed furniture.

Retirement Isn’t a Destination

Retirement is not the end of our career but a new opportunity to share our gifts and knowledge in a new way. We are grateful to God for this new chapter in our lives. Most of us retirees are helping educate the next generation at the university or through ministering to the community where we live. Every day the Brighton community is happy to see Fr. Roland’s smiling face, to see him participate in Holy Mass, and even bless the car of one of their employees.

But like those wily pitchers who make late-career adjustments, those of us with accumulated mileage have some other resources to draw upon. Experience does not automatically translate into wisdom, but experience reflected upon, prayed over, and suffered through is not such a bad thing to have in one’s quiver.

Fr. John’s experience is a fitting example of how age increases wisdom. Fr. John writes, “I would say that my most meaningful assignment as an Assumptionist was my assignment to Assumption College as dean of students. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I shouldn’t have worried. I had an opportunity to meet some remarkable young men and women and create relationships that have lasted to this day. I was also able to work side by side with some outstanding faculty members and administrators who had dedicated their lives to these young men and women. Their dedication to the education of future generations was a sign of hope for me.”

Those of us who belong to the next cohort of “retiring” Assumptionists are mindful of all the graces that have brought us to where we are, and mindful, too, of the innumerable companions along the way. Our retired brothers and priests who are not working spend their day praying for the community and beyond. There is a great need to support our aging brothers. We are excited about the new renovations to our Emmanuel house that houses our retired members.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts!

Thank you for your donations