Young Assumption Volunteers

Young Assumption Volunteers

Our second volunteer opportunity is an alliance with the European province of the congregation. The Volontariat Assomption offers an expanded list of volunteer sites; individuals interested in this organization should be aware that they will be serving alongside an international group of volunteers and will likely need to be proficient in a second language beyond English.

The Augustinians of the Assumption are engaged in a number of apostolic works around the world: all work that can hasten the coming of God’s Kingdom is worth undertaking.

Often, laypeople of all ages and all places in life are moved to volunteer with us, working, for a time, for the coming of the Kingdom. We offer two programs:

Young Assumption Volunteers (18-30 years old)

The Young Assumption Volunteers (Jeunes Volontaires Assomption) program offers the possibility to work with us for a period of time (typically one year) in service to the Church: one year spreading the Kingdom in and around you.

Over the course of this year, you would:

  • collaborate with Assumptionists in service to the Church
  • live in one of our communities, participating in its prayer and daily life
  • take a year of reflection in which to deepen your faith and commit your time to God.


Florence, Italy – parish ministry, university chaplaincy, work with Peruvian immigrants. Italian language.

Sokodé, Togo – cultural center; teaching (French, computers, etc.). French language.

Paris, France (Denfert) – national pilgrimage office, congregational administration. Aptitude for and interest in communications and journalism. French language.

Paris, France (Right Bank) – youth hostel; youth ministry. French language.

Madrid, Spain – parish ministry; accompaniment of individuals with physical needs; ministry to low-income housing complexes. Spanish language.

Elche, Spain – case work / social work among underprivileged. Spanish language.

Bucharest, Romania – library work, some planning of social activities. Knowledge of Romanian helpful but not required; knowledge of French very helpful.

Quebec City, Canada – cultural center; journalism; some youth ministry. French language.

To learn more (in French), click here.

Lay Assumption Volunteers (no age limit)

The Lay Assumption Volunteers ( Volontaires Laïcs Assomption) program offers the possibility to assist the Augustinians of the Assumption in their many missions, in and outside of France. The length of the volunteer period depends on the site and on the work; it can last a couple of weeks, or up to two years.

Over the course of this time, you would:

  • collaborate with Assumptionists in service to the Church or to a developing nation;
  • live in one of our communities, participating in its prayer and daily life


Philippines – development work; teaching (English, French); school administration; journalism / business. No language requirements.

Vietnam – French language instruction to youth and young adults. French language.

Paris, France (Conflans) – ministry to a shelter for the homeless situated on a houseboat on the Seine; pastoral visits to surrounding regions. French language.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – ecumenical work; Oriental Rite parish ministry; youth ministry; ministry to the aged and infirm; ministry to the underprivileged and isolated in rural areas. Knowledge of French and/or Bulgarian useful.

Rome, Italy – archival work; research into international development. English language; Spanish and Italian useful, but not necessary.

Jerusalem, Israel – shrine ministry; hospitality to pilgrims. No special language skills required.

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