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Letter from the Superior general to Assumptionist religious, to the Sisters of the Assumption Family, and to lay members of the Assumptionist Lay-Religious Alliance.

Dear brothers, sisters, and friends,

It has already been five years since our brothers, Jean-Pierre, Edmond and Anselme, were kidnapped by armed soldiers. Since then, we have been waiting in hope and prayer. Unfortunately we remain without the slightest bit of reliable news and our waiting goes on in absolute uncertainty. I am writing this letter with the sole purpose of keeping our hope alive. Christians cannot resign themselves to a state where they allow silence and death to prevail. Our God is a God of life.

As their brother in faith I once again turn my attention to members of their grieving families. For them this disappearance is a tragedy that never ends. The absence of any information and the ongoing incompetence of civil authorities cause further bitterness and sadness. I reiterate my friendship with the religious of the Province of Africa and more particularly with the Assumptionists, the Oblates and Orants of the Assumption, and all those in the consecrated life in the diocese of Butembo-Beni. Still today you remain subject to violence and abuse. Our brother, Fr. Vincent Machozi, comes immediately to mind; he was shot in cold blood with his mother looking on. Nor do I wish to forget the two diocesan priests who were kidnapped a little more than 100 days ago. I pray as well for the people of North Kivu who regularly endure acts of violence and abuse at the hands of armed factions who criss-cross the region. We Assumptionists stand side by side with this population on whom such evil is exacting a tremendous toll.

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Dear Assumptionist Fathers

My name is Jim Galligan, one of many friends of your brother priest Fr Jean Pierre who was kidnapped 5 years ago.

Fr Jean Pierre is a kind and loving priest who is missed by so many people in Dundee, Scotland and he with Fr Anselme and Fr Edmond are always in our prayers.

We have offered a Mass each year for them and have already planned this years Mass in Saint Peter & Paul's Parish in Dundee with the main celebrant being Mgr Ken McCaffrey. We will be sending out the attached poster to all the parishes in our Diocese as we know Fe Jean Pierre touched the hearts of so many people during his six and a half years of service in Dundee.

We want to assure you that we will be united with you in our prayers at this time.

We understand there is still no news and all there has been is speculation of what may have happened to them. If there is any news or if you receive and letter from your provincial for their anniversary if you were able to forward this then we could relay it to those attending the Mass.

Be assured always of our prayers.

Jim Galligan

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 11:02

Father Richard Lamoureux, A.A., Appointed Vice President for Mission

Assumption College has announced the appointment of Father Richard Lamoureux, A.A., Ph.D., as its Vice President for Mission, effective October 1. In this role, Fr. Lamoureux will ensure that the core mission of Assumption College as a Catholic and Assumptionist institution is integrated within all aspects of campus life at the institution. He will continue to advance, and strengthen, the College’s Assumptionist and Catholic identity through collaboration with faculty, students and staff, as well as oversee Campus Ministry.

Fr. Lamoureux’s appointment follows the departure of former Vice President for Mission Father Dennis Gallagher, A.A.—who served in the position since 2000—who is now the Provincial of the North American Province of the Augustinians of the Assumption.

For nearly 50 years, Fr. Lamoureux has served the Assumption College community in a number of positons including as a teaching assistant; assistant professor; chair of the Department of Fine Arts; associate dean of Academic Affairs; provost; vice president for Academic Affairs; dean of faculty; campus minister; and director of worship. Since 2011, he has served as a member of the College’s Board of Trustees, a position he also held from 1984 to 1990.


Assumption College Students in Rome Assumption College Students in Rome

By Brianna DiPanni '18

Another semester has begun at the Assumption College campus in Worcester and in Rome, where an at-capacity group of students have begun to explore one of the world’s oldest cities as it serves as a living classroom. Lauren Salerno ’20, an organizational communications major from Peabody, is already enjoying her short time in the Eternal City.

"When I first got to Rome I was completely taken aback,” she said. “It took a few days to sink in that I was actually going to call this place my home for the next four months.”

Salerno said that arriving in Rome was like “stepping into the pages of my former history textbook.” One of the benefits that attracted her to Assumption when looking at colleges was the Rome Campus. “I loved the idea of being at Assumption while still getting to experience a completely different way of life,” she said of the College’s unique program.

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Fr. Benoit Bigard (former novice-master and incoming provincial) and a recently professed brother in TogoFr. Benoit Bigard (former novice-master and incoming provincial) and a recently professed brother in Togo

6 new brothers in Togo

On Saturday, August 19, in Sokode, Togo, the outgoing novice-master and incoming provincial of the Province of Europe, Fr. Benoit Bigard, received the first vows of six new members: Augustin Yamba, Christian Aziamale, Dominic Mbaeze, Noël Tomfeï, Pascal Gabiam et Rodrigue Ouedraogo, in the Assumptionist parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in the Komah district.

6 new brothers in Vietnam

Three days later, on August 22, six Vietnamese brothers make their first vows in the presence of Br. Didier Rémiot, assistant general and·general treasurer at the novitiate in Bà Ria: Antoine Trịnh Tiền Giang, Paul Trịnh Ngọc Lâm, Paul Hoàng Kim Khoa, Pierre Trần Văn Thành, Pierre Nguyễn Đình Thống and Jean-Baptiste Trần Văn Việt.

Brothers in Vietnam making first vowsbrothers in Vietnam making first vows

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Our thoughts and prayers all the people of Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, and other areas of South Texas in the path of the Hurricane Harvey and the ensuing tropical storm. The damage wrought by the storm, which has not yet abated, is immeasurable, yet the collective response of caring and compassionate people across the country can make a profound difference for those in need.

Bayard, Inc. is committed to providing assistance through financial and material contributions. Bayard invites all members of its community to join in supporting relief efforts through financial contributions and, where possible, in-kind donations. Following is a list of organizations, with links, that you may wish to contribute to.

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA is seeking donations to help those who have been affected by Harvey, and has established a website devoted to Harvey relief. Catholic Charities explains that in addition to providing immediate assistance, “long term recovery” is part of the organization’s approach to disasters like this one.

Donate: or text CCUSADISASTER to 71777

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has already begun collecting funds to help those affected by the storm. Salvation Army spokesperson Alvin Migues, said that because physical donations can be a challenge to manage during a disaster, the organization is asking people to make monetary contributions instead.

Donate: or by phone at 1-800-725-2769

Red Cross

The Red Cross is mobilizing disaster relief workers to support this response effort, and has shelters ready to open and support thousands of people if needed.

Donate: Visit, call 1-800-RED CROSS or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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Fr. Sagadou with one of the participantsFrom August 4-14,·2017, Assumptionist Fr. Jean-Paul SAGADOU led 70 young people to Ghana to discuss the challenges facing Africa with regard to sociopolitical, economic, and cultural integration and interreligious dialogue. This event took place within the framework of the ongoing “African Integration Trips,” a flagship activity of the Réseau de Jeunes pour l’Intégration Africaine (RJIA), or Network of Youth for African Integration, an organization founded in 2012 and officially recognized by the government of Burkina Faso in 2015.

A continent comprised of 70% who are young

For the seventh time, beginning in 2009, Fr. Sagadou with his Assumptionist brothers present in West Africa, took center stage with this huge undertaking. From Burkina Faso to Togo, Ghana, Niger, and Ivory Coast, youth came to participate, youth who make up 70% of the continent’s population, considered either as a time bomb ready to explode or as an opportunity to be seized. These youth share similar concerns: unity on the continent and the need to accelerate development at every level, whether in regard to democratic structures, education, or health…

Laboring under deadly ideologies of want

Many young people look on Africa, wrongly, as « a negative place », without a future, without hope. So, how are we to banish this deep-seated sense of a continent without a future, plagued with the inseparable demons of political instability and economic decline --- a picture supported by a certain kind of literature, colonial and neo-colonial, that always describes Africa as having gotten off to a bad start, enigmatic, and poor.

The Assumptionist presence: the origins of an ambitious project

Unable to stand idly by with its arms crossed in the face of these challenges, the Assumptionists present in Burkina Faso and Togo are attempting to give young people the opportunity to express themselves and together to find appropriate solutions to the continent’s problems. And if this effort can provide political leaders with helpful ideas for the continent, all the better. In any case this is the modest objective of the RJIA.

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Fr. Barry BercierAugust 20, 2017

Reflections from Fr. Barry Bercier, who recently began ministry to an Inuit Catholic community in Igloolik, north of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut, Canada (and its two mission). Having previously spent some time in Greenland, he begins by making a few comparisons:

“…. Nunavut is not like Greenland much at all, even though geographically they are close neighbors.  Just today after Mass I had a conversation with one of the locals who sometimes works on fishing boats that pull into Nuuk (Greenland) we ended up comparing the two places.  Nuuk is, by arctic standards, a big city.  It has water pipes and sewers, paved roads, tall buildings, a hospital, a big active port and a heavy dose of Danish influence—things tend to be orderly, smooth functioning and fairly prosperous.  Though it has serious social problems, they seem fairly well-managed.

Igloolik, overviewIgloolik, overview

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 August 2017 08:58

The Rev. Dennis Gallagher A.A. was recently appointed provincial of North America for the Assumptionist order. [Photo/Michelle Sheppard]The Rev. Dennis Gallagher A.A. was recently appointed provincial of North America for the Assumptionist order.
[Photo/Michelle Sheppard]

By Amanda Roberge, Correspondent

Aug 18, 2017

WORCESTER — Having attended Assumption College as an undergraduate student in the 1960s, the Rev. Dennis Gallagher returned as a priest in 1976 and for the better part of the decades since, he has lived in the Community House on the Worcester campus and served the school in a number of capacities, in both the spiritual and academic realms.

But having recently been named the provincial of the Assumptionist order for the North America region, Rev. Gallagher will soon leave the school with his sights on Brighton, where he will be closer to the administrative headquarters for the Augustinians of the Assumption, long known simply as Assumptionists. The order consists of a congregation of Catholic brothers.

“Once you are named provincial, you can no longer hold employment at the college,” he said, adding that his involvement will be limited to his new role on the school’s board of trustees. “It is something that will take some getting used to.”

The Assumptionist community is one that exists worldwide, he said, with North America being a relatively small constituency. The region over which he will preside includes several communities in the Northeast, several in Mexico and one, the Center for Faith and Culture, in Quebec, Canada. The international order has a presence in almost 30 countries.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 August 2017 08:57

Brian and Allison Bialas, Lay AssumptionistsSomething not too many people know about us, though we have never tried to hide it, is that we met online through Allison likes to point out that Brian was on the site for several months before he found Allison, while Allison was only on the site for one week! We met in Cambridge for coffee, which turned into lunch and a three-hour date. We were married a year-and-a-half later by Assumptionist Fr. Claude Grenache and now are expecting our first child this spring. None of that would have happened had Brian not spotted a certain lovely lady’s online profile and sent her a message!

Brian and Allison Bialas, Lay Assumptionists

NOTE: Since this original posting, Allison and Brian have welcomed Andrew Brian into their family.


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