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God takes much better care of our interests when we pay attention rather to His.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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The Empty Tomb PDF Print E-mail

Pat HaggertyBy Pat Haggerty

When I think of Easter, the image of the empty tomb comes to mind.  We’ve all seen pictures of the empty tomb, the stone rolled over, and the burial cloths left behind.  What an image!   It conjures up so much!  It leads us to the eventual image of Christ rising from the dead, of his glorious emergence from the darkness of the tomb bringing us to the light of salvation.

Easter Sunday’s gospel tells us that when the disciples went to the tomb after the urging of Mary of Magdala, they found that emptiness.  John goes on to tell us that “they did not yet understand the Scripture that he had to rise from the dead.” (John 20:8)

Christ’s resurrection from the dead became our key to salvation and new life.  Christ suffered, died and rose from the dead in order to win us our salvation.  We are often called “resurrection people” because everything that we are centers on this significant event.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!

Pondering PDF Print E-mail

Pat HaggertyBy Pat Haggerty

I remember telling my students, “It’s okay to read a book more than once.  In fact, it’s a good thing.”  We gain so much from a second reading.  We discover nuances we hadn’t read before, or we gain new insights into the author’s purpose.

The same is true of a good movie.  Do you have a favorite?  How often have you seen it?  I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life! I cry every time and my enjoyment of it never seems to fade.

Enter Lent Slowly PDF Print E-mail

Pat HaggertyBy Pat Haggerty

I just read somewhere that the word “Lent” comes from a word meaning spring.  I can see that!  Lent is a time for us to prepare to burst forth as true believers, as we follow Christ during His journey leading up to His death and Resurrection.

Inspiration PDF Print E-mail

Pat HaggertyBy Pat Haggerty

What is a source of inspiration to you?  Is it reading the Psalms?  Is it a beautiful piece of art?  Is it a Sunday homily?  Is it nature?  It may very well be all of the above.  I know that all of these things, on any given day, can provide me with consolation, peace, or opportunities for spiritual growth.

Believe! PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

I still have some vestiges of Christmas lingering in my office.  It’s not that I am too lazy to put them away.  I just want them visible for a little while longer---like the Tomie dePaola ornament of an angel in true dePaola style.  He is wearing a straw hat, has purple wings and green pants, and is holding a cat.  So Tomie!  There is the beautiful Millenium figurine of the Holy Family that Sister Helen, a dear friend, gave me.  It is all white and just lovely in its simplicity!  Finally, I have a plaque with “BELIEVE!” on my wall.  I think it’s a reminder that we are supposed to believe in the beauty and miracle of Christmas.

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