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Home WHO WE ARE Assumptionists Profiles Bro. SAGAR GUNDIGA, A.A.



Interviewer Would you share a bit about your background: family, childhood, early education etc.?

Bro. Sagar – I was born into a Roman Catholic family in the southern part of India in 1988. My father is a farmer while my mother is a house wife and assists my father daily as he works in the fields. My one brother studied Political Science and Economics, owns his own business and is married with two children. My sister, degreed in Biology, Chemistry and Zoology, is also married with two children. My early elementary schooling and basic catechism classes were under the guidance of the Sisters of St. Anne. Later I attended secondary school, followed by higher education at Kanuka Matha in Govindapuram. I studied Economics, Political Science and Business at Vidyanikethan Junior College from 2004-2006.

Where and how did you become interested in religious life? And did anyone in particular have a significant impact on your life?

– Over the years my village saw 28 young men become priests of different congregations and dioceses. When they came home for visits they would help out in our parish teaching catechism and helping the poorer families. One priest in particular impressed me and nurtured my long standing desire to become a priest. He not only reached out to families but encouraged young people, conducted youth camps and gathered those interested in religious life. He gave witness to the kingdom of God in our society through his words and actions. Through him I fell in love with religious life and became involved in church activities as an altar boy, attending daily Mass and developed a love of praying the Rosary.

How did you continue your education and get to know the Assumptionists?

– From 2007 – 2010, with the financial support of my parents, I did graduate work in Psychology, Journalism and Literature at the University of Bangalore. In my second year and through the help of a friend I contacted the Assumptionists by mail. My parents were very supportive of my desire to pursue this dream. I wrote to Fr. Gilles in the Philippines explaining my motivation and eagerness to learn more about the community. He guided me as much as possible and then in 2010 he came to visit me in India. He then invited me to Manila. I lived at Pavel House for ten months and began my formal formation classes and lived the Assumptionist way of life and prayer as a postulant. After two years, I actively participated in different apostolic activities in Marytown, Antipolo, Marikina and Barangka. I then came to the U.S. to do my novitiate in Worcester, MA and was professed in August, 2014. Now I live at the Assumptionist Center in Brighton, MA and study at St. John’s Seminary.

How have you experienced growth in the living out of your Assumptionist charism?

I would say that through prayer, the study and influence of Fr. d’Alzon’s writings and life and living in community have contributed significantly to my growth in our congregation’s charism.

What have been you happiest memories as a young religious so far?

– So far, my happiest memories were when I was accepted to the postulancy, then to the novitiate and my approval for vows. I experience great joy in believing that God wants me to work in his vineyard!

Do you have a favorite scripture passage?

– Yes, Matthew 9:37 where Jesus said told his disciples that the harvest is great but the laborers are few.

What hobbies or other interests do you have?

– I enjoy games such as cricket, volleyball, music and reading.

What is your vision or hope for the future of the congregation?

– My hope is for the continued growth of the congregation around the world and especially, that we will eventually establish houses in India.

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